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Idaho Cleaning Services

The #1 Electrostatic Disinfecting In Caldwell, ID – 5-Star Rated!

We have years of experience in the field of disinfection and sanitization. We provide affordable and high-quality disinfecting services for COVID-19 and all other viruses. We provide electrostatic disinfection to residential and commercial customers. Contact us today!

  • 100+ 5-Star Reviews

  • Bonded & Insured

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Over 40 Years of Experience

  • Background Checked Technicians

  • Eco-Friendly Green Cleaning Products

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About Idaho Cleaning Services

Electrostatic Disinfecting in Caldwell, ID

Idaho Cleaning Services utilizes a patented electrostatic technology to apply an EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant with no residue, and no rinsing needed after application. This treatment eliminates viruses, bacteria and meets EPA and CDC criteria.

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How Can We Help You

Electrostatic Disinfecting Service and More

We can manage your home and office cleaning needs. Our personal mission is to raise the bar for the cleaning and disinfecting industry by providing a variety of all-inclusive premium service options.

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Why Us

Professional Electrostatic Disinfecting in Caldwell

Remember when you were a kid and you rubbed a balloon against your hair? This process created an electrostatic force between the two objects. Your hair became positively charged and the balloon became negatively charged. So, your hair was attracted to the surface of the balloon because opposite charges attract.

With electrostatic disinfecting, we do the same thing with the disinfectant. Our machine negatively charges the disinfectant so that it can completely wrap around every surface area, including those extremely hard to reach places. Now, everything can be completely disinfected.

The exposure to viruses and bacteria is high, especially during cold and flu season. With this technology, we can get rid of any lingering bacteria or viruses in your home.

  • Affordable, upfront, and transparent pricing.

  • We go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

  • Always on time, trustworthy, reliable, and friendly!

Check Our Results

Our Outstanding Electrostatic Disinfecting Results & More!

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    Idaho Cleaning 5 star reviews

    I am very impressed with how amazing the cleaning and power washing turned out. Everything was professional, everyone was courteous and the home feels just like when we built it 3 years ago. Everything is clean, smells amazing and so calming. I will use them again and again. They were a Godsend, thank you David and your incredible teams!

    ~ Nicole T.

    Idaho Cleaning 5 star reviews

    I received multiple reminders and photo of John who was in charge of the window cleaning so I knew who to expect. They were pleasant and brought treats for my very untrusting dog so he settled down quickly. They were quick and efficient. I could not be more pleased. I would use them again for any cleaning service they have listed.

    ~ Bonnie M.

    Idaho Cleaning 5 star reviews

    From the very first phone call to Idaho Cleaning, I felt that this company would take great care of us. They were prompt, attentive, courteous, thorough and very respectful of us and our home. By the time they were finished with the job, the whole house was sparkling! I would highly recommend this company.

    ~ Nancy O.

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    Our Service Areas

    Electrostatic Disinfecting Service Near You!

    We provide carpet cleaning services in Caldwell, ID, and the surrounding areas. Click the button below to view our service areas! 

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