Carpet Cleaning

We believe Carpet Cleaning comes down to the details. By avoiding the use of unnecessary chemicals and gimmicks, then utilizing  our state of the art equipment, we have separated ourselves as the best cleaning company in the Treasure Valley. Let us show you the difference.

Carpet Cleaning FAQ

ICS charges per AREA/ ROOM. An area, in most locations, is considered to be an area ranging under 250 square feet. Other areas, like hallways, staircases, bathrooms, areas rugs, etc., are priced separately.

Its tough when our pets have accidents. Most of our pet treatments require additional cost , either a level 2 or level 3 urine treatment, and your cleaning specialist can discuss those options with you prior to beginning treatment.


If you decline pet treatment when it is necessary, please note that your Gurantee will be void for  that area of your home. Your cleaning specialist will be able to inspect the carpet with a special UV light that helps illuminate the contaminates in the carpet. Our specialists will be able to identify assess the severity of the pet accident and let you know if you need a level 2 or 3 urine treatment.

Cancelation fees may apply if your appointment is not canceled within 24 hours of your scheduled service. We will be as flexible as possible as we know sometimes things just happen.

Because we rinse the carpet fibers without ever flooding your padding and place air movers to increase airflow and reduce the dry time, your typical dry time is between 4 to 8 hours, but it could take more time or less time based the temperature and humidity inside the home.

All of our services are GURANTEED. If you are unsatisfied, for any reason we will gladly return and re-treat the services areas you're not happy with.

We ask that you pre vacuum before your carpet cleaning . Pre vacuuming is important to the process. We use the homeowners vacuum due to pet allergens and pollutants that we do not want to cary between homes. Some of our clients have sever allergies and we do not wont to cross contaminate between homes .

Spot checked for stains

Pre-Sprayed with appropriate cleaners to break down grease, oils, and stains

CRB’ed (Counter Rotating Brushed) and agitation process that breaks up all oils with a 12 inch brush and removes all pet hair and soil deep in the carpet fibers. (take the 1 inch brush on the bottom of your vacuum and imagine if those brushes were 5inches long). This grabs everything out of the carpets. Even after you pre-vacuum , we typically take out mounds of dirt and soil out of the carpet.

Steam Extracted and deodorized

Quick drying for with air blowers placed through out the house.