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Window Cleaning

Nothing improves the look and feel of your home like clean and sparkling windows.  Don’t let dirt, grime or hard water block your amazing view of the beautiful outdoors of Idaho.

At Idaho Cleaning Services, we wash each window with care, paying special attention to all the little details. With over 35 years of experience in servicing the Treasure Valley, our window techs are highly trained and ready to assist with any of your home’s cleaning needs. Our professionals use a multi-step squeegee cleaning system, along with our state-of-the-art “Tru-Water”. This “Tru-water”, also known as “Reverse Osmosis Deionized Water”, leaves your windows looking clean and clear for a longer period of time. Have your entire home looking amazing with our window cleaning, in addition to our 100’s of additional cleaning services.

Idaho Cleaning Services’ highly trained technicians work quietly and efficiently as they clean your home, making sure not to disturb you or your loved ones. We complete each cleaning by making sure you are thoroughly satisfied, and we don't consider the job complete until we are certain you are amazed with your services.

Take a look at our three window cleaning packages and decide the detail your home’s windows are looking for:

Exterior Window Cleaning Only

  • Detailed cleaning of exterior windows
  • Removal, brushing, and replacement of window screens

Platinum Window Cleaning

  • Detailed cleaning of exterior windows
  • Screen removal and dusting of window screens
  • Detailed cleaning of interior windows
  • Wipe-down of frames and sills and tracks
  • Five-day weather check

Tru-Shine Ultimate Window Package

  • Detailed cleaning of exterior windows
  • Screen removal and initial dusting of window screens
  • Detailed cleaning of exterior windows
  • Careful washing and drying of window screens
  • Detailing cleaning of interior windows
  • Wipe-down of frames and sills
  • Detailed cleaning of window tracks
  • Eight-day weather check

Idaho Cleaning Services

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Window Cleaning FAQ

Idaho Cleaning Services is one of the only Full-Service Cleaning Companies in Idaho. We offer a full slate of cleaning services, as we seek to be your home’s only cleaning company that you will ever need.

Idaho Cleaning Services serves the Boise, Meridian , Eagle , Caldwell , Middleton and Parma Areas. Some rural areas are cleaned on specific weeks of the months, due to long driving distances.

No, you do not have to be home when we come by your home. We do recommend to customers that they be home for the first visit. Being that Idaho Cleaning Services provides an extensive list of Cleaning Services, we typically add on our window cleaning service during many of our other home services. 

Yes, in most cases, we can reach all of your windows. If there are ever any windows we cannot reach safely, we will always let you know beforehand. We will do everything we can to have all of your windows looking crystal clear.

Yes, on request, we will use our unique window sealer.  These solutions keep water, soil, and stains on the surface of the glass making the window much easier to clean next time.  We HIGHLY recommend this service is you are in an area where there is hard water. 

If we’re only working on the outside of your home, we are will not need anything from you.  As long as we have access to the areas that are being cleaned, we are good to go. 

If we’re also working inside your home, all we ask is that you move knick knacks and breakables from in front of the windows to avoid accidents. 


We are usually able to maneuver around furniture. In the event that there is something blocking the window, we carefully move the piece and make sure to place it back once we’re finished. We make sure to leave your home the way it was before we arrived.

When you first schedule an appointment with us, we will send you both an email and a text notifying you of your scheduled appointment. You will also receive a text message notification once our techs are in route, along with a one-hour reminder. 

You do not, as long as they are FRIENDLY. If your pets are friendly, we have no problem working around them. As pet owners ourselves, we love animals! Please provide any special instructions to make sure both your animals and our crews stay safe. 

We accept cash and all major credit cards. Idaho Cleaning Services must have a card on file, prior to arriving to your appointment.  Your card will not be charged till after all services are completed. All cards can be ran onsite by our technicians, as well.

If you don’t hear from us, then it is safe to assume we will arrive at your scheduled time. Sometimes, we can get the inside of the windows done and come back when it’s sunny to clean the outside. Sometimes we can clean the windows in the rain. 

If it rains on the day of your window cleaning or up to 3 days after your window cleaning, we will come to fix any drips/dirty spots left by the storm, provided you let us know within 2 days of the cleaning. 

We don’t have any rescheduling fees for rain, so you are welcome to reschedule your appointment if there is rain in the forecast and you’re particularly worried about it. We just ask you give us as much notice as you can. 

A breached window typically looks like it is constantly foggy. This haze is between two panes within a double paned window. Unfortunately we cannot clean between two planes of glass and many times this window will eventually need replacement. 

Yes, we can clean tinted windows! We just skip any steps that might scratch the tint, such as using a scraper or steel wool.

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